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What is PCOS?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome PCOS is a complex endocrinological condition affecting hormones, reproductive system as well as metabolic level in people with ovaries. PCOS is a medical problem in which hormonal imbalance induces growth of small ovarian cysts. 

Various factors such as complex interaction of genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors may cause PCOS. PCOS is a treatable medical condition and it can be treated and managed with right guidance and support.

Infertility, Insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, Obesity

  1. Metabolic syndrome, Obesity, Acne, Anxiety, Depression

  1. Irregular menstrual periods, Preeclampsia, Facial hair (Hirsutism)

Disordered sleep, Sleep Apnea 

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Find a Solution that is made as per You

A team of Professionals will help you heal through a program that involves giving you attention, care and support that you need with the help of a balanced diet, adequate body movements, emotional and behavioral healthcare.

A dedicated coach will help you to set your goals , to track unhelpful habits , assist healthy habit formations and support you throughout your journey .

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Team of Experts

Personalized Meal Plans

Personalized Workouts

Mental Health Care

Why Choose Us?

Our Program will help you learn about and implement individualized behaviors to treat the root issues behind your PCOS.

Understand insulin resistance, inflammation, gut health, cycle hormones, mood swings, etc.

  1. Personalized app to track your diet and workout under the guidance of a dedicated coach.

  1. Unlearn unhealthy habits, learn new habits and stick to them with the help of Habit Tracker and Behavioral Health Professionals.

A dedicated team of Mental Health Professionals for your Mental & Emotional Wellbeing.

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Love From People

I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 23. I tried a lot of medicines, supplements and what not, but nothing gave a sustainable result. Thanks to TrainE for helping me fix my food, workout, sleep and lifestyle in general. I lost weight, experience less mood swings and cravings,I sleep better and wake up fresh. It’s very affordable and very personalized.

Anjali Sharma

The TrainE PCOS program works like magic. Especially their mental health experts who helped me alot to manage my emotions which in turn helped me manage food cravings, reduce my weight, workout regularly, and be healthy. Highly recommended to all the women out there. Don’t prolong the disease, make lifestyle changes and transform your life.

Sneha Choudhary

  • My daughter gifted me this and it has been one of the best gift I have ever received. I never thought I could follow a diet or workout or talk to a psychologist but Team at TrainE Health made me feel so comfortable that I never felt I was following some plan even after 12 months! Everything felt so natural and easy. Their support and motivation is amazing. If you want to stop medicines and still live happily then you should try this plan. 

Laxmi Banarjee

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How it Works!


Get Assessed

Talk to your dedicated trainer for a FREE demo session where they'll assess your physical, mental, & spiritual health & explain how 360Flex can help you.


Build Your Plan

Once we have your details, our team of multi-disciplinary wellness experts will design a tailored Heal your PCOS Plan that suits your lifestyle.


Do The Work

Get access to our Personalized App that helps you track and stick to the plan. Follow the plan and start seeing results.


Get results and Stick to it

Temporary results are easy to come and easy to go. With our habit coaching, team of professionals, constant motivation, mental and emotional health care we make sure you get long term results.

Our Plans

You will get these services with all plans.

  • Clinical evaluation by expert professionals

  • Weekly Personalised Diet plan as per your lifestyle

  • Weekly Home/Gym/Other Workouts as per your performance

  • Access to Personalized app to track diet, workout, habit

  • Unlimited follow up with coaches

  • 1 Complimentary Mental Health Plan (every 3 months)

  • Recipe Book

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Along with Expert Professional guidance you will get TrainE Health App that has 100s of features that will make your journey fun, easy and wholesome.

Frustrated that your PCOS symptoms are back again? You're
not alone.


PCOS patients say their symptoms come back when they stop taking pills


wasted on failed PCOS treatments

3 to 7 Times

higher likelihood of diabetes and miscarriages, the longer you wait.


Q: Can PCOS be cured ?

No, there is no cure for PCOS . But treatment and management for well being is possible . Its symptoms like weight gain, hair loss, excess hair, acne, and irregular periods can be reversed with lifestyle-based changes over the long term. Research has shown that women with PCOS who receive the right treatment have a higher chance of success in managing their condition and attain well-being - a state of harmony .

Q: Will I get adequate services and effective results via online programs  ?

Yes, ofcourse! It is absolutely safe and effective as long as you share complete information with the team. Through online consultations, you can access the service conveniently from wherever you are. We will be able to track your progress on your treatment, exercise and diet plan more effectively via our app. Our experts will be available to you according to your availability and convenience cases where you’re required to go for an in-person visit, your team will work with you to arrange a visit with a local doctor.

Q: How long does it take to see results?

Depending on your symptoms, you may see improvements within a month. However, we recommend a minimum of 3 months so you can learn how to manage your condition in a sustainable way.

Q: I am already using other medications and treatment. Can I still use it?

Research shows that PCOS patients who get holistic care for all their symptoms have more success. It’s recommended to have several doctors and experts involved in your treatment rather than just one. This is why we build a team of professionals for you; senior dieticians provide the first line of defense, with a dermatologist, counsellor and psychologist getting involved as needed to manage other symptoms. If you already have a doctor, we can complete your care team and provide holistic treatment to treat PCOS effectively.

Our Transformation Guarantee

Get 100% money back if you don’t see any results wrt weight, measurements, strength, stamina, sleep cycle, mental health, emotional health, etc. We're in this to change lives, not just to collect subscriptions.

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Manage your PCOS and become a healthier You.

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